PolyWaste provides transport of HDPE Pipe Coils
Poly Pipe Transport to Northern W.A.
Transport Services of HDPE Pipe

PolyWaste's Transport Services

Due to PolyWaste's extensive experience in transporting HDPE pipe, coils and oversize loads for recycling, we can now arrange transport of new HDPE Pipe to mine sites. Because we are often collecting pipe from northern WA and bringing it back to Perth, we can offer good rates on pipe delivery to the Pilbara.

Our truck drivers are highly skilled in handling HDPE Pipe and coils, including oversized loads transported across long distance. From our experience, we understand the regulations for mine sites, have Hiab cranes for unattended pickups or deliveries of coils. PolyWaste's HDPE Pipe transport offering includes fast delivery, frequent email updates with photos of loads,  and a full schedule provided for large projects.

Why use PolyWaste for HDPE Pipe deliveries?

PolyWaste transport service provides you confidence that your truck driver will understand the demands of transporting HDPE Pipe, and reduces the risk of damage to your pipe:

  • Hauliers are all accredited by Main Roads and have been working in the pipe transport industry for years.
  • Customer will receive dispatch details prior to leaving or arriving at any site.
  • All drivers and trucks are independently audited by PolyWaste.
  • Each driver must complete SOP’s, JMP’s, have full PPE for every contract, and agree to additional free hours unloading on mine sites.

Transport of HDPE Pipe Coils

PolyWaste provides delivery services across Western Australia of HDPE Pipe Coils.


Transport of 12m HDPE Pipe Lengths

Transport for standard 12m lengths of Poly pipe is common for PolyWaste.


Transport of Oversize HDPE Pipe Loads

PolyWaste can arrange transport of overlength or oversize loads of HDPE Pipe.